Keith Comfort pleads guilty to strangling his wife in their Columbia apartment

Three days before his jury trial was set to begin, Keith Comfort pleaded guilty to strangling his wife in 2006 and tossing her body into a dumpster behind their apartment building. He was sentenced to 26 years in prison — 22 years for second-degree murder and four for abandonment of a corpse. Comfort was arrested in 2019 after confessing to police that he murdered his wife, Megan Shultz.

Columbia Police officers under criminal investigation for use of force

Multiple Columbia Police officers will face a criminal investigation after a video circulated social media showing the officers' use of force. Footage shows two officers restraining a person on the ground, while one strikes the individual in the face repeatedly and appears to use pepper spray and a stun gun. I spoke with the Columbia Police Department and included the information they were able to release at the time.

Short-term rental regulations survey receives backlash

The survey asked a series of questions over respondents' views on short-term rental regulations. Members of the Planning and Zoning Commission don't believe the results of the survey are accurate, with AI technology being one of the reasons why they may not be trustworthy. I attended the commission's work session and compiled information from that meeting with previous reporting done over the past five years.
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